Ice Diving

Ice Diving

Ice diving at the Lac du Lou

Go directly to Lac du Lou for your dive.

You know your way by off-trail or snowshoes? We welcome you on site for your scheduled dive. The downhill return is also on your own.

Bubbles games and lights ...

Let yourself be mesmerized, safely, by the atmosphere and the quiet of ice diving.

After the safety briefing, we equip you completely: The watertight neoprene drysuit, waterproof gloves and diving mask protect you entirely from ice water. You will have zero contact with the ambient temperature (1° C) and be warm.

Your instructor awaits you in the water. Sitting by the ice hole, the surface-instructor prepares you and makes you slide smoothly through the hole. Immediately assisted beneath, the show is instantly spellbinding. The scenery, the lights and shadows are hypnotizing ... Let your instructor guide you for twenty minutes beneath the ice, play with your own bubbles running on the ceiling ...

Welcome to the big family of ice diving: you will be awarded an ice diving certificate.

150,00 €

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