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Evolution 2 Best Snowboard School in Val Thorens

If you have never ridden a board before, it'll likely be a fine idea to invest in a couple of days of. Snowboarding lessons with an experienced and qualified snowboard instructor. Taking lessons will make sure that you avoid picking up any improper habits while enabling you to fast track the development of your basic essential skills in a safe surroundings. Learning the appropriate techniques for quitting and sliding at an early stage may also help to minimize the possible danger of damaging or injuring yourself or others while riding throughout the mountains. You've basically two options with regards to taking lessons i.e. Groups lessons or private lessons. Deciding on which kind of lessons to take depends on your fitness level, any expertise with comparable sports including equilibrium like surfing or skateboards and how much help you practically feel you might need.

Snowboard Group lessons if you enjoy social interaction

If you are more of the social individual, you might like the opportunity to meet other fellow students when taking group lessons. Take into account the size of the group for the lessons you're taking. In case the group is too big, your teacher may not possess the patience. To slow things down for you in case you chance to lag behind. That's why ski school Evolution 2 allow a maximum of 8 people per group. School focus on the quality of our lessons.

Snowboard private lessons if you want to improve quickly.

Therefore, you could find yourself fighting to keep up and this cannot be a nice encounter. There is not a question that you will progress even faster with private lessons out of your very own personal teacher. Naturally, this will cost a little more than group lessons, but the advantages you'll gain from the individual attention given to you and also the chance to learn at your very own rate could well be worth the quantity you pay.

So you think lessons are uncool or perhaps you simply want to save a few bucks by going the self taught route. While it's completely possible to teach yourself how to board with persistence and an awareness of the fundamental abilities concerned, be aware that this calls for lots of experimentation and risk. Your best bet may be to select a good and simple run with a gentle slope, soft powder and ideally very little traffic, but of course we do not recommand this way, if you want to improve quickly. Best way is always to learn with a professionnal on the slopes of Val Thorens, the highest ski station in Europe. Moreover, he will show you all the 3 Valleys Domains, and let you discover Les Ménuires, Méribel et Courchevel.

Enjoy Freeride with Off pist lessons

If you are a more adventurous and more advanced snowboarder, Evolution 2 can provide you off pist lessons. Enjoy a freeride in the best off pist. Discover the essentiels skills in deep powder for an initiation, and just enjoy the moment.

If you are already familiar with off pist sessions, we will show you the best spots, and let you be the first in the immaculate powder.

Snowboard Freestyle Lessons

If you want to discover and enjoy freestyle session in snowpark, discover how to jump, special tricks, flat techniques.

Evolution 2 Val Thorens has the Halfpipe Snowboard French Team Coach on his team, Valérie Bourdier, and if she's not in competition, she will be glad to teach you some good tricks.

Our Team can also count on the very best snowboard instructors in the 3 Valley domain.

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