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Ski School Evolution 2 Val Thorens guarantees small ski groups lessons for a better progression.

Many people when buying skiing lessons during their ski holiday join an organization class along with about a dozen others. Anybody that has tried which will recall standing around observing the others run a snowplough turn 1 by 1, then attempting one, then waiting for 10 minutes again.

Or maybe you've observed an educator winding down a slope with students attempting to follow in his tracks as he keeps his eyes forwards and does not see their efficiency. Here in our Ski and snowboard school, we do not consider that this is a good way to learn how to ski. In any snow sports, from telemark, snowboard, to ski, we consider that small groups is a better way for you to become a better skier. This way you can improve your ski development, learn some tricks maybe. The learning environment is very important, and you must enjoy skiing ; fun is one of the value we try to communicate.

We apply this to all our group ski lessons, from beginners to experts skiers in Off piste ; maximum people in a group is 8. We can guarantee you a better result at the end of the week in our mountains.

Kids love Ski Groups Lessons as they are also making friends. They can spend their time on skis, learn how to ski in the mountains, benefit from kids programs, but they also share an experience with others kids. Group ski Lesson is a good way to keep them amused and focused.

In Evolution 2 Ski School, we can teach you individually or in family

Usually the price per hour or two is the same if there are one, two or 3 individuals. Which implies that it is wonderful for a family to share an exclusive skiing teacher, as long as they're at a comparable skill level. We always advice you to take at least 2 hours ski lessons, with only one hour you won't be able to learn a lot. Chairlift are long and you can't learn a lot when seat on them.

You need to get the session booked at the start of the week as the schools several spare hours may shortly be reserved. Do not hesitate to call us . From the first day we may have your children skiing Sausage and chips which suggests parallel carving turns. They call snow ploughs Pizza slices which amuses the kids tremendously.

Private Ski Lessons are one of the best way to learn how to ski !

Even when you think that you're a good intermediate skier, you may still have a lot room for improvement. You will have an exceptionally competent teacher who'll tailor the lesson just geared towards your very own power. It is possible to understand greater in one two hour private lesson than in an entire week's worth of big group classes.

The instructor may also show you where the best pistes are - it's like having your very own skiing guide. There are numerous small things to think about to help your posture and technique and you can hear strange things like Hula hoop, Remember to think about your large toe and Holding baby birds. Private lessons may give you more control, meaning that the assurance that you feel on greens can be also transferred to blues and finally reds.

After gaining confidence you'll not be capable to wait to check out your newly found abilities on the next skiing holiday.

Evolution 2 Val Thorens Ski Instructors can help you in many ways.

Of course our instructors know the ski resort, and the 3 valleys perfectly. They can bring you to the whole domain, the biggest ski domain in the world. Courchevel, Les ménuires, Méribel, Saint Martin...

They can also show you the best altitude restaurants, le chalet de la Marine, Jean Sulpice's Restaurant in Val Thorens, La Bouitte in Saint Martin de Belleville, le Chabichou à Courchevel, our instructors know everything, if you want to book them just to go in this kind of restaurants, you can also call us.

They can show you, drive you in a nice trip in the whole domain if you want, and show you the best places : La Folie Douce in Val Thorens or in Meribel, the altiport in courchevel, the big chalet in Méribel. Eveything you want to see, they will bring you there. You can ask to see panoramic view, and they will choose the best spot depending on the snow conditions.

Of course they will help you in the choice of your ski material, it's very important you wear material you're comfortable with. Ask them and they will advise you. They will bring you to the ski rental shop with best skis and ski boots.

And of course, our instructors will help you increase your ski level !

Of course, they can teach you also Snowboard, hiking, backcountry, off pist in deep powder during the whole winter season. From ski and snowboarding lessons from beginner to the professional in freeride session, you will learn to ride the right way.

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