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Snowboard : Children & Adults (From age 4)

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Never done beforeEvolve safely, linking back & front turns on green slopes, enjoying yourselfRookie
Back & front turns on green slopesControl speed & balance in all circumstances, make my 1st jumps, slide back & switch on blue slopesRider 1
Switch turns on blue slopesMaster basic jumps and slide rotations, make 1st contact with the SnowPark, learn safety rulesRider 2 
A few off-piste rides, making jumps at the SnowparkDiscover carving, improving on all snows, adjust my gear myselfRider 3
Mastering switch and riding in all conditionsEnhance my jump techniques and my tricks at the SnowPark, handle the safety in off-piste situationRider Expert
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